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Howard Stern Loves Sam Smith Because He’s Chubby And Gay

Have you any idea the things I love about this man? He’s a unsightly motherfucker. He’s fat. And I Adore it. Guess what happens, he appears homosexual in my experience. Perhaps not that anyone appears homosexual but he does appear effeminate. I love that he’s gay and chubby, that is why I adore him. That’s exactly exactly exactly how you understand how good that track is … he’s fat and he’s homosexual and girls worship him.”

— Howard Stern talking about six-time Grammy nominee Sam Smith on their SiriusXM radio show

When I ended up being composing this, we went and researched this further. Listed here is a far more complete estimate from United States Of America Today:

“You know very well what i prefer in regards to the man? He’s an unsightly (expletive). He’s fat. Continue reading