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Among the prevailing fables today is the fact that Jesus had been tolerant regarding ethics that are sexual.

The tagline states all of it: “One guy is approximately doing the unthinkable. No intercourse. Whatsoever. For forty times and forty evenings.” Think of that for a second. Forty days and forty evenings is neither an arbitrary amount of time nor an arbitrary method of explaining it. When you look at the Gospel reports Jesus was at the backwoods without food for “forty days and forty evenings” (Matt. 4:2). Christians Lent that is observing typically something up for similar time frame. Forty times and forty evenings is among the most standard device for people who desire to be dedicated to depriving by themselves of one thing. We’re prepared to go this long without chocolate or carbohydrates or media that are social television. But to get this very long without intercourse? Unthinkable. I’ve simply calculated that I’ve done the equivalent period of time more than 2 hundred times. Continue reading