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“Bisexuals cop biphobia from all edges, from our very own community and from straights.”

“ distinguishing as bisexual frequently is like you are stuck in limbo not “gay” enough for a few, rather than “straight” sufficient for other people,” writes Kyli Rodriguez Cayro for Bustle. “While bi individuals compensate 52 per cent regarding the LGBTQ community, they’ve been sometimes excluded through the narrative at Pride festivals and LGBTQ festivities due to biphobia and bi erasure . Bi erasure is a severe issue that isn’t simply promoted by right individuals, but on event, because of the non bi queer community too.”

“Bisexuals cop biphobia from all edges, from our community that is own and straights.”

Elizabeth Sutherland writes for SBS about her battles with occupying both right and queer areas and feeling ostracized by both. Continue reading