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As specified in ref. The irradiation by high energetic protons can considerably replace the radiation cumulated to the choosing, changing the Paleodose and impacting the process that is dating. We examined the non applicability of thermoluminescence dating methods utilising the old-fashioned technique as described in ref. Figure 3C shows the TL emission before dark line — x magnified and after laser-driven proton line that is irradiation blue. Our artefact would now be dated having an age of years in place of nonetheless, additionally main-stream PIXE techniques invalid the utilization of dating mechanisms, thus there’s absolutely no distinction in this diagnostic when making use of laser-driven or traditional PIXE.

Having evaluated the suitability associated with the distance involving the test as well as the proton supply 6 cm for maybe not damaging the artifact, we now have tested the photon emission stimulated by the proton beam that is laser-accelerated. Behind the artefacts we placed a stack of RCFs for the kind HD so that you can confirm the centering regarding the proton beam on the artefact. As a result of sensibility that is limited of this spectrometer, we tested the legitimacy of our technique just in the silver sample, since all the materials have actually their K-emission energies outside of the main detectable spectral variety associated with the spectrometer.

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As noticeable through the RCF placed behind the sample see Fig. Continue reading